Jun 2015
Stock Your Flats 130 Kitchen With Gourmet Italian Groceries From A. Litteri

A. Litteri is a family-owned grocery store, and regulars say it is also one of NoMa’s hidden gems, tucked in a nondescript storefront near the New York Ave metro. Stepping into A. Litteri is like being transported to Old Italy. The store is named after Antonio Litteri, an Italian immigrant who founded this business with his brother, Mariano DeFrancisci, in 1926. Mariano’s grandson Michael now runs the shop, which balances old world charm and quality with contemporary taste and efficiency. And the food? Some say it can't be beat.

Stop by for a salami and provolone sub or sausage sandwich. Planning a party or special event at Flats 130? Let Michael arrange a party platter of Italian breads and cold cuts. Looking for a special ingredient for a dinner or just want to improve your home cooking? A. Litteri’s has an impressive selection of imported pastas, vinegar, and olive oils, straight from The Boot. Or, of course, you can just stop by to say hello and enjoy the shop's daily wine tasting.

A. Litteri
517 Morse St. NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 544-0184