Jun 2015
Want to Be the Most Popular Person at Work, Flats 130? Show Up With a Bag of Sweets From Catania Bakery!

There are few better ways to start the day than by visiting your local bakery for a freshly baked croissant to enjoy with your morning coffee. Close to Flats 130, you can do just that on Saturday mornings at Catania Bakery, one of the oldest family-run bakeries in all of DC!

This charming Italian bakery first opened its doors in 1932, and since then it has provided warm, soft breads, authentic biscotti, and traditional Italian cookies to people all across the region. In fact, if you’ve eaten at any of the restaurants in the Capitol Hill area, you’ve likely enjoyed some of Catania’s delicious works. The bakery itself is well worth a visit, however, and its prices are so low that you can fill a bag with fresh baked breads and cookies for less than $10.

Whether you want to stock up on fresh-baked bread or treat yourself to biscotti, Catania Bakery offers a sweet taste of old-fashioned DC near Flats 130.

Catania Bakery
1404 N. Capitol St.
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 332-5135