Jul 2015
Would You Order a Pita Sandwich or a Salad at Roti Mediterranean Grill, Flats 130 Residents?

The menu at Roti Mediterranean Grill is simple. First, you decide whether you want a sandwich, salad, or rice plate. Next, you add a protein source: chicken and steak are both popular options, though you could also order salmon or falafel. At this point, you customize your meal however you like. Try adding roasted red peppers, feta, and eggplant to a pita-based chicken sandwich, or combine a range of grilled vegetables and a scoop of warm couscous to make a hearty and filling salad. Regulars say the food here is good, but what's also notable is the ethical stand the restaurant takes on sourcing its food: You can be sure that all meats were raised humanely and that the vegetables come from sustainable farms.

Roti Mediterranean Grill is popular, so note that at peak meal times there may be a wait, but you can avoid standing in line if you use the online ordering system to get take-out or delivery to your door at Flats 130.

Roti Mediterranean Grill
1275 First St. NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 618-6969