Aug 2015
Attention, Health-Conscious Flats 130 Residents: Shop Local, Hormone-Free Meats at Harvey’s Market

Nowadays, there is a growing concern about where meat comes from and what goes into it. If you’re dedicated to eating only healthy, antibiotic-free meats that come from all-natural suppliers, Harvey’s Market is a great local butcher shop near Flats 130.

This health-conscious butcher shop sources all of its premium, high-quality meats from ethical farms, and the resulting steak, pork, and chicken is reportedly more tender and better tasting than the meats at chain grocery stores. You’ll find free-range chicken, 21-day dry aged Black Angus beef, pastured turkey, and much more, all sourced from local farms when possible.

While the prices are slightly higher than those at a grocery store butcher counter, the custom cuts and quality make shopping at Harvey’s Market well worth the cost, regulars say.

Harvey’s Market
1309 Fifth St NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 544-0400