Sep 2015
Calling All Cycling Enthusiasts at Flats 130: Get Equipped at The Daily Rider

Whether you find yourself heading to work, running to the grocery store, or just taking a pleasant ride around the neighborhood, The Daily Rider, a bike shop just moments from Flats 130, aims to make your cycling the safest and most efficient it can be.

Beth Rogers and Loren Copsey opened the shop in 2012 to appeal to the everyday city cyclist, rather than those training for the Tour De France or doing BMX stunts, so don’t worry if you’re a casual cyclist looking for support and advice. Aside from selling stylish bicycles and accessories, The Daily Rider organizes casual bicycle rides, holds classes on bicycle maintenance and repairs, and offers custom builds and modifications.

The Daily Ride is open seven days a week.

The Daily Rider
1108 H St NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 396-0704