Dec 2015
Discover Some of the Area’s Best Ice Cream at Trickling Springs Creamery, Located Just Minutes from Flats 130

Heads up, Flats 130 residents with a sweet tooth: You’ll find some of the city’s best ice cream at Trickling Springs Creamery, a local dairy bar in Union Market that sells a whole lot more than just the average cone. Stop in after dinner to treat yourself to a peanut butter and jelly ice cream cone or a retro-style root beer float for dessert, or if you prefer to enjoy your ice cream back at Flats 130, grab a pint to go.

In addition to ice cream, Trickling Springs Creamery offers farm-fresh milk in returnable glass bottles, which you can later bring back to refill with more delicious milk. Grab some delicious dairy products at Trickling Springs Creamery and spend the day walking around the rest of the shops at Union Market!

Trickling Springs Creamery
Union Market
1309 Fifth St NE
Washington, DC 20002
(717) 816-3622