Jan 2016
Tip for Flats 130 Residents: Order the Burrata Appetizer at The Red Hen

Bloomingdale’s The Red Hen is hard to miss. Located at the corner of First Street and Seaton Place, it’s easily identifiable by the red hen painted on the building's brick exterior. Despite that, the lasting impression that most customers come away with has nothing to do with first impressions and everything to do with the kitchen's updated take on classic Italian cuisine. Yelp reviewers rave about the burrata appetizer, rigatoni with fennel sausage ragu entree, and maple custard for dessert. The restaurant's wine list specializes in simple, unrefined and organic wines, with a particular focus on Italian wines.

The Red Hen is owned and operated by a young trio of long-term friends: Michael O’Malley directs operations at front of the house, Sebastian Zutant oversees the wine and beverage program, and Chef Michael Friedman runs things in the kitchen, and if the number and nature of social media reviews are to be trusted, the three make quite a team.

Have you been to The Red Hen before, Flats 130? Tell us what you ordered!

The Red Hen
1822 First St NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 525-3021