Feb 2016
Ethiopic: Enjoy Family-Style Ethiopian Dining Near Flats 130

When you dine at Ethiopic, you get a sense of what a traditional Ethiopian mealtime is like. Certainly, you savor the flavors of traditional Ethiopian fare, but you also experience the unique social aspects of Ethiopian dining just minutes from your own home at Flats 130.

You see, a classic Ethiopian meal is served family-style, with a single large platter set on the table for everyone to share. This platter contains numerous dishes – anywhere from three to a dozen or more – for the whole table to enjoy. Common favorites include curried lamb, sauteed beef, spicy lentils and garlicky chickpea dumplings in tomato sauce. What's more, however, is that all of these dishes are sitting directly on a piece of shared injera bread, which everyone uses instead of utensils as the meal progresses. To take a bite, just tear off a piece of injera and use it to scoop up a bit of beef or lamb. As you make your way slowly through your meal at Ethiopic, you'll experience the unique sense of community that defines Ethiopian cuisine.

401 H Street Northeast
Washington, DC 20002
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