Mar 2016
Calling All Seafood Lovers at Flats 130: Enjoy the Raw Bar at Rappahanock Oyster Bar

Some things are best when they're modern and new, while other things are best left to tradition. For the folks at Rappahanock Oyster Bar, taking a lesson from history has seemed the most prudent and sustainable way to harvest and serve oysters.

Rappahanock Oyster Bar is a big supporter of local efforts to restore Chesapeake Bay ecological systems so that the native oyster populations might begin to grow again. Today, the restaurant is proud to serve locally harvested oysters and to celebrate the tradition that made this possible. You can find the Oyster Bar staff at their shop within historic Union Market, where you'll sit down to enjoy an array of oysters by the half dozen. Try the mildly briny oysters from Milford Haven or the sweet and buttery ones from Topping while enjoying the lively, open atmosphere of the popular marketplace. No matter what you order, you can feel really good about supporting local seafood purveyors around the Flats 130 area.

Rappahanock Oyster Bar
1309 5th Street Northeast
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 544-4702