Mar 2016
Constitution Cafe Pairs Lunch With Coffee Near Flats 130

When you need a quick meal in a hurry but don't want to settle for greasy fast food, consider heading over to Constitution Cafe. This NoMa eatery specializes in fast service and tasty meals, and everything is made fresh to order.

Put together a fresh salad customized with either fruits or veggies, as you prefer. You can also have a deli-style sandwich made to order as you wait, and regulars recommend options like the turkey topped with cheddar and honey mustard. If you're craving something more unique, try one of the Asian-inspired meals, including Korean bi bim bap and Japanese-style bento boxes that are easy to grab and take back to the office when you're in a hurry. Constitution Cafe is very popular for breakfast, too, serving everything from biscuits and gravy to French toast and corned beef hash, so keep it in mind on mornings when you've got a bit of time to do something more than hurriedly gulp down a cup of joe.

Constitution Cafe
145 North Street Northeast
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 216-9433