Mar 2017
Try Venezuelan Sandwiches From a Food Truck at Tropic Burger

DC’s Tropic Burger food truck is always on the move. If you’re lucky enough to run across it once, regulars say you’ll start keeping an eye out for it every day.

Though it’s only been in operation for about a year, this food truck has already developed a large and loyal following. Yelp reviews rave about the burgers, hot dogs, and French fries, but the question has to be asked: with so many places to get a burger, what makes Tropic Burger so special? Browse through the reviews and you’ll see it’s the Latin accent this food truck brings to classic American favorites. The Venezuelan-influenced menu features favorites like the spicy pepito steak sandwich filled with jalapenos, corn, and chips, as well as the grilled chicken sandwich topped with green sauce and a bit of tartar mayo. No matter what you get, though, you should be able to score your entire meal for less than ten bucks.