Sep 2017
Sip on Single-Origin Java at Qualia Coffee

A lot has changed at Qualia Coffee over the past eight years. What began as a home-based coffee roasting company has flourished into a full-time business with two coffeehouses, including one that just opened this past July in Eckington. As the scope of the business grew, however, one thing remained the same: Qualia's commitment to sourcing the best beans and roasting them meticulously.

Although Qualia changes its coffee offerings on a daily basis, its single-origin javas are always top notch. Expect to see options like the Alma Negra from Ethiopia, which emits hints of strawberry, sweet cherry, and graham cracker in every tendril of steam. If the Imbiricu coffee from Brazil is on tap, it's an ideal option for chocolate lovers as it features the flavors of milk chocolate, peanut butter, and caramel. If you can't select just one cup of coffee, opt for the coffee flight, which allows customers to pick three pours to try.

Public Domain/Pixabay/webandi