Oct 2017
Handcrafted Pasta is Topped With House-Made Sauces at Al Volo

If you notice that the pasta at Al Volo looks a little different than the stuff that you buy at the grocery store, it's intentional. Al Volo's team crafts their pasta from scratch, which gives them the flexibility to shape it using the bronze-cutting method. By extruding pasta through bronze, a rougher surface is created—which helps sauces and seasonings to latch onto the pasta more easily.

Al Volo's pair of chefs dishes out its pasta in the form of fettuccine Bolognese with grass-fed beef and a red wine-tomato sauce. They craft gnocchi smothered with a four-cheese sauce. They create fusilli and pair it with a kale-based pesto sauce and goat cheese. What's more, the kitchen team hosts cooking classes to teach you how to recreate these dishes at home, and the restaurant sells packaged pasta and house-made sauces to make the process even easier.

Public Domain/Pixabay/oldmermaid