Jan 2018
Experience Authentic African Cuisine at Letena Ethiopian Restaurant

Letena Ethiopian Restaurant combines the convenience of a fast-casual restaurant with the traditional, slow-cooked cuisine of Ethiopia, resulting in a restaurant that's popular with DC visitors and locals alike. Yelp reviewers say the dining room is beautifully decorated and very clean, which makes it a pleasure to enjoy your meal in the restaurant itself. Of course, this place also does a pretty big take out business, too, which is good news on days when you want to eat in the comfort of your own home.

Popular entrees include kitfo (minced beef seasoned with a chili-butter mix), doro wot (spiced chicken stew), and kik (herbed split peas in ginger sauce). All meals come with injera, the traditional Ethiopian flatbread that's the basis of every meal (you can even request your injera to come as a burrito-style wrap, if you prefer). Finally, be aware that although this place opens at noon on most days, it remains closed until 5 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, so if you want to visit for lunch, be sure you check the schedule first.