Feb 2018
Grab a Fresh Loaf of Bread at Catania Bakery

In 1932, the Caruso family started selling their bread door to door in Washington, DC. The clan had learned how to craft the bread in their native Catania, Sicily. The enticing aroma of bread wafting through the streets of DC quickly earned the Carusos a loyal local following, which eventually led to the opening of Catania Bakery.

Now nearly 90 years later, the DC-born bakery continues to churn out Old World loaves and rolls, cookies and biscotti, and other specialty European treats. Come to Catania Bakery to pick up a loaf of bread for fresh sandwiches or avocado toast. Swing by in the afternoon to enjoy a much-deserved treat. Grab a bag of biscotti to give as a gift. Catania Bakery doles out sweet treats and fresh loaves on Fridays and Saturdays only, so order online to reserve your baked goods.