Apr 2018
Enjoy a Unique Workout at Off Road

If you're the type of person who gets tired of the treadmill quickly, go off-book with your workouts at Off Road. You won't see a single treadmill when you step into this gym. What will you find instead? Natural light streaming into a studio equipped with top-notch spin bikes, arranged in rows in front of an exposed-brick wall, boxing bags suspended from the ceiling, and TRX suspension straps and kettlebells lined up in neat rows.

The indoor cycles stand at the ready for spin classes that are designed to emulate real-life rides. Using a blend of media, your spin instructor will take you on a grueling spin around the city and beyond its borders. The bags and boxing pads await blows from your fast-flying hands when you come to a boxing-inspired round of circuit training. The kettlebells and TRX straps work to strengthen muscles at the signature Build sessions. Come to one of the classes to understand why athletes love Off Road.