May 2018
Qualia Coffee Elevates Java-Crafting to an Art Form

Qualia Coffee treats its java beans like fresh produce, which is exactly what they are. The team roasts the beans in-house every day—hence that heavenly aroma—and then grind them on the spot so that you get the freshest cup of joe possible. The baristas offer many different prep methods for the coffee, too, so you can enjoy it exactly how you want it.

The Robo Pour is the signature brewing approach, however. The Poursteady machine makes the pour-over process easy and precise, promising a perfectly balanced cup of coffee. Pick any of the single-origin beans on the menu (they change regularly) and wait as the Poursteady crafts your cup. You can also wake up with a glass of cold-brew coffee that steeps for 16 hours before it hits your palate, which ensures a jolt of caffeine without the acidity of iced coffee. Pair your chosen java drink with a bagel, scone, biscuit or another bite at Qualia Coffee.