Jul 2018
New-Age Architecture Distinguishes “Fun House” at the National Building Museum

It's fitting that the National Building Museum resides inside of a stunning work of architectural art, complete with 75-foot Corinthian columns, a 1,200-foot terracotta frieze, and a Great Hall with soaring ceilings. After all, the museum is dedicated entirely to architecture, engineering, and landscaping. Currently, its iconic great hall is occupied by Fun House, a temporary installation that's at the museum until September 3rd.

The quirky artists/architects of NYC's Snarkitecture designed the interactive installation in honor of their 10th birthday. You can actually walk through the freestanding structure, which emulates the setup of a traditional home. However, the components of the rooms are anything but traditional. Snarkitecture's creatives play with the design of each room to create something totally unique that you have to see to believe. Tickets to Fun House are $13 for kids and $16 for adults.

Public Domain/Pixabay/wokandapix