Sep 2018
Enjoy Sushi and Japanese Whiskey at O-Ku DC

The Union Market neighborhood has a nice little respite from the hectic DC food scene in the newly opened O-Ku DC. Once you sit down in the clean, airy restaurant with natural wooden décor, you won’t help but notice how friendly and welcoming the atmosphere is.

A quick review of the menu will leave you with some serious choices to make. The sushi is exceptional, and they also offer the hard-to-find omakase service, but there are lots of small plates and entrees from the robata grill that are hard to pass up. No matter what you decide, you should definitely start with a cocktail (or two). O-Ku DC put the same care and attention into their drinks as they do their fancy sushi rolls. When the meal is over and you want to linger a bit longer, check out the upstairs bar for their rare assortment of Japanese whiskey or one last cocktail to finish off your night.