Oct 2018
Snag Tickets for “Turn Me Loose” at The Kreeger Theater

It’s hard to imagine what comedy would be like these days if the world were never introduced to Dick Gregory, one of the first African American comedians to confront racial issues. "Turn Me Loose" the Kreeger Theater explores the comedic genius of Dick Gregory, and his pivotal role in how comedy is performed in the present age. 

The performance is 90 minutes of pure drama as actor Edwin Lee Gibson expertly portrays Mr. Gregory as a provocative comedian and civil rights leader. "Turn Me Loose" opened on September 6, and it’s already wowing crowds with its raw, unapologetic take on Mr. Gregory’s legacy. See it now at The Kreeger Theater before the curtain comes down on October 21. Tickets are on sale for both matinee and evening performances. Post-show discussions are also available on a handful of the show dates.