Feb 2019
Enjoy a Healthy Meal at Newly Opened Flower Child

Locally sourced, organic, and fresh from the field are a few ways you could describe the ingredients at Flower Child, which just opened a Foggy Bottom location. The menu highlights plant-based fare perfect for vegans and vegetarians, but it also offers a few high-quality proteins to complement the veggies.

For instance, you can add grass-fed steak or sustainably sourced salmon to the Mother Earth bowl. The bowl features ancient grains and sweet potato as the foundation, loaded with portobello mushroom, avocado, cucumber, charred onion, leafy greens, broccoli pesto, and miso vinaigrette, plus a sprinkle of hemp seeds. The animal proteins are also optional additions to the larger plates, which consist of your choice of two snacks. Try the raw tahini hummus with the yuzu Brussels sprouts or the smashed organic gold potato with Indian-spiced cauliflower and quinoa.