Feb 2019
Get Your Flow On at M Street Yoga

If you’ve never been to a yoga class, start at M Street Yoga’s beginners’ flow. True to its name, the session caters to newbies. You’ll learn the basics of Vinyasa yoga, including the foundational postures and breathing techniques. The instructor will show you how to piece the poses together into a seamless, invigorating flow.

Perhaps you’re a long-time yogi looking for a new challenge. My Street Yoga has something for you, too. The Vinyasa Flow 1.5 class pushes bodies to the brink with extra arm balances and more intricate series of postures. Meanwhile, classes like the slow flow and gentle flow calm the mind and body by taking the tempo down a notch and adding meditative elements to class. Choose the class that suits your needs and come to M Street Yoga for a strength-building session.