Oct 2019
A New Restaurant to Try Near Flats 130: Shilling Canning

For all things Chesapeake Bay, head to Shilling Canning Company, which opened up in July on Water Street. The new restaurant is a labor of love, opened by Reid Shilling, whose main goal was to continue his family’s legacy of quality service and ingredients which originated with the restaurant’s namesake, the Shilling Canning Company, in 1935. They’ve been earning rave reviews from all diners, some even saying they wouldn’t be surprised if the restaurant soon joins the list of Michelin-rated restaurants in the area, so it looks like Chef Reid is accomplishing what he set out to do.

The menu changes daily, as they source all their ingredients locally when they can so things are constantly changing and menu items are crafted on ingredients, rather than the other way around. Favorites include the scallop crudo appetizer and any entree that includes the delicious dumplings, right now it’s a rabbit confit with buttermilk dumplings. 

Be sure to make a reservation as the word is out and it’s getting busy!