Feb 2020
Bring a Big Appetite to Nina May

Since Nina May opened in Shaw last November, it has been impressing neighborhood diners with its immaculate farmhouse-style decor, locally sourced New American cuisine, and lively happy hour. General Manager Danilo Simic and Executive Chef Colin McClimans, are long-time business partners who have partnered here to create a small, intimate, and neighborhood-oriented spot with Nina May. 

The restaurant’s name comes from a combination of Simic and McCliman’s daughters’ names, and that family sentiment is visible in the shape of the restaurant’s signature menu offering, too: an all-you-can-eat shared plates meal, priced at $39 per person. Regulars say it’s an enormous improvement over traditional prix fixe experience, since it allows each diner to serve up as much or as little as you like of each dish served family-style on the table. Don’t miss the impressive cocktail menu overseen by Simic, either, especially on weekdays between 5-7, when happy hour kicks off.