Sep 2020
Broaden Your Cultural Horizons at the National Museum of Women in the Arts

Here’s a stunning fact: According to Artnet News, just 11% of all acquisitions at prominent American museums over the past decade were of work by women artists. In an attempt to showcase the beautiful and important works of women (and to help tip that percentage), visit the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Here, it’s the work of women that take center stage, both in thought-provoking exhibits about the importance of the gender, and in simply interesting and worthy works that may otherwise be overlooked. Current features include sculptures from Betsabee Romero, the photography collection Return to Nature, and the late Linda Nochlin’s showcase, The Maverick She

Admission to the museum is just $10 for adults. Various programs and special events are also held throughout the year, including free community days on the first and third Sunday of every month until November. If you can’t visit in person, consider the museum’s online art chats to delve into the works on display.