Dec 2020
Sip Expertly Roasted Java at Sweet Science Coffee

DC is chock full of coffee shops, from the smallest independent cafes to the biggest chains on just about every corner. But when you get tired of the same old selection, seek out Sweet Science Coffee on N Street in NOMA. The difference between good coffee and great coffee is all in the science of brewing the best cup, and Sweet Science Coffee has perfected their technique. From farm to roast, Sweet Science Coffee follows the journey of their coffee beans to deliver a superior product. But leave the logistics to them! All you have to do is order your favorite drink and enjoy the difference. Choose from your basic options, or more creative interpretations like honey sesame cappuccino, or spiced cashew latte. Sweet Science Coffee also offers coffee classes to hone your brewing skills, and the high-end tools to perfect your at-home coffee game. 

Sweet Science Coffee opens daily at 8 a.m., and is easy to access from New York Avenue. If you’re ready to step up your coffee experience, this is the place to try.