Jan 2021
Add a Visit to the International Spy Museum to Your Winter Bucket List

Here’s your assignment if you choose to accept it: Locate the International Spy Museum on L’Enfant Plaza, Washington DC. Slip inside (sunglasses and trench coat optional) and slink up to the fifth-floor briefing center. There, you’ll get a secret identity, and a mission to complete as you work your way through the museum. If you listen closely, you might hear the faint sounds of the Mission Impossible theme playing in the distance. Sounds pretty fun, right? 

The International Spy Museum is chock-full of interesting exhibits for young and old, whether you’re interested in cool gadgets, the history of spying in the US, or hand-on programs for the inner sleuth in you. Try your hand at code cracking, or learn how present day cyber warfare affects your everyday life. The International Spy Museum has it all, plus educational programs, special presentations and at-home challenges.

Admission to the International Spy Museum is $24.95 for adults. Advance ticket purchases are strongly suggested, and all guests must wear a mask and obey social distancing guidelines. Visit the website to preview the exhibits, or to purchase your timed tickets.