Jan 2021
Colada Shop Serves a Taste of the Islands Near Flats 130

Would you describe your day-to-day meals as bold, vibrant, and exceptionally flavorful? Probably not, especially over these past few cook-at-home months. You need a little Colada Shop in your life! This Cuban eatery has an authentic taste of Caribbean cuisine, and a healthy dose of excitement for your diet. 

The day starts off with richly roasted coffee and traditional pastelitos stuffed with sweet or savory fillings. Or you can opt for a full breakfast platter, complete with Cuban bread and spicy chorizo baked eggs. Colada Shop also functions as a lunch/dinner eatery, with a full bar of some of Havana’s best Bacardi libations. A toasty, pressed sandwich, an order of corn empanadas and an El Sol pineapple cocktail just tastes like a vacation (even if it’s only a short one). 

Find The Colada Shop on 14th Street (take-out only), or limited seating at the new spot at The Wharf. Support this local business with a purchase today.