Feb 2021
Refresh Your Apartment With Vintage Finds at Miss Pixie’s

If, like many people, you’re anxiously awaiting the warm days and sunny skies of spring, it’s important that your apartment be as ready as you are. A few new pieces from Miss Pixie’s could be just what you need to give your home a brand-new look! 

Owned by vintage furniture connoisseur Pixie Windsor, Miss Pixie’s offers an ever-revolving selection of furniture, artwork, and other “whatnots” to add a unique touch to your favorite room. Add an extra chair to create a reading nook, or move that perilous stack of titles to be read to a new-to-you bookcase. Better yet, spread the joy that Miss Pixie’s vintage finds bring by shopping for friends when you visit—you just might find the perfect gifts to cross each loved one off your list.

If you’re ready to fall in love with Miss Pixie’s, you’ll be in good company. As one Yelp reviewer writes, “Miss Pixie’s establishment is the best of the best.” Whatever you’re looking for, you just might find it amidst the store’s vintage selections—or you’ll find that and much more.