Jan 2022
Savor the Flavors of France at Bistro Du Jour, Now Open Near Flats 130

New to DC, Bistro Du Jour serves French cuisine, from steak frites to quiche Florentine, cheeseburger L’Americain, and moules frites. For desserts, choose from apple crumble pie and carrot cake to the dark chocolate brownie, brioche cinnamon roll, cookies, and a few other delicious goodies. If you’re in the mood for a coffee or tea drink, they have a cafe section on the menu with beverages that range from chai latte and oat draft latte to cappuccino, espresso, and brewed coffee. It’s safe to say there are plenty of tasty items on the menu for every patron who steps through the doors! 

While you dine inside Bistro Du Jour, enjoy a spacious, lively atmosphere with plenty of seating, pretty decor, and a counter where you can see the yummy desserts up close and can order beverages and pastries for takeout. If you prefer sitting outside, there’s a cozy patio where you can take in the fresh air while devouring a plate of deliciousness.